Cookie by Peggy and Ed Thornsberry / Mommy and Daddy

This Story is about Cookie.
His unconditional love for his brother, Beethoven.

Born April 18, 1996,
Rainbowsbridge October 24, 2002.

Hi! That’s me 220 pounds of Pure Saint Bernard.
I am Beethoven’s baby brother, course he only weighed 204 pounds.
Beethoven was the first born and I was born last. There were 11 of us.

We were born on April 18, 1996.

On July 4, 1996, this nice lady and man, along with a cute little white furbaby, came to visit. They were looking for Saint Bernards. Boy!! Did they come to the right place, there were 3 of us, only 2 to be adopted. Prissy our sister was going to stay with our mommy, Mae and our people mommy, Judy.

Beethoven, Prissy and I went over to this pretty little white furbaby and introduced ourselves. Her name is Tippy. We played together and talked “doggie trash”. After a couple of hours of everyone visiting and getting to know each other, the lady said she couldn’t see taking just one puppy, could she take us both? Judy agreed and papers were filled out for AKC registrations.

We were happy we were going to be together. We would be able to come and visit our mommy Mae and our sissy Prissy. Judy was no longer our people mommy. She said “She would be our Aunty Judy.” Our new people mommy and daddy, Peggy and Ed. Our new fur mommy is Tippy.

Daddy and mommy took Beethoven, Tippy and me and put us in the van. There was a couch in the van. They put us on the couch. Beethoven one end, Tippy in middle and me on the other end. There was a nice pan of cool water for us to drink as we had a long way to go.

We arrived at our new home. Daddy let us out of the van while mommy was unlocking the gate. We went in the yard and immediately found all kinds of things to “sniff, scratch and dig.” A nice big yard to play in. The yard is fenced. We don’t have to worry about getting out or someone getting to us. We went inside and daddy showed us where our pans of food and water were located. Daddy told us they would be full at all times with fresh food and water. Daddy would feed us and mommy would give us treats. We weren’t to let anyone else feed us or give us treats. That was to make sure no one would hurt us.

Daddy told us we would have a wading pool to play in and get cool. Beethoven and I were very happy we had a new home and was going to be treated with love and kindness. That was what Aunty Judy wanted for her puppies. She is very particular who she lets adopt her furbabies.

We had fun, specially with daddy, he always shared his dinner with us. He ate some really strange food, Pizza, Hot Dogs, Steak, Pork Chops, Salmon, Salad with Ranch Dressing, Orange Sherbert/Vanilla Ice Cream. Pizza was our favorite.

When we were about 6 – 7 months old, Aunty Judy wanted us to be in Comformation. Aunty Judy came and got us and kept us for a couple of weeks. We had to learn how to walk, heel, set and stand. (Don’t we already know this?) We had to learn the proper way. Okay!! Conformation time came, Beethoven developed a limp. Aunty Judy said “she would rather he didn’t compete she didn’t want him uncomfortable.” The Judge looked at me and told Aunty Judy “I couldn’t compete. Saint Bernards don’t curl their tail over their back.” Beethoven and I looked at each other, “What does she know I like my tail.” We just hung out with mommy and Aunty Judy. Prissy competed and she took Blue Ribbon. We were proud of our sissy.
Prissy went on to win many ribbons.

Our lives went on uneventful, playing and digging and doing doggie things. We went to visit Prissy, our Mom Mae, and Aunty Judy lots of times and watch Prissy compete.

One afernoon daddy came home with a new furbaby, ChewChew. Daddy had rescued him from a mean man. ChewChew was 14 months old. He had been badly abused. He is a Lab/Saint mix. We immediately made him part of our family, let him know he would be well taken care of. ChewChew liked that. We now had a new friend.

When we were 3 years old, Beethoven had a really bad seizure. Daddy immediately took him to the hospital. Dr. Moffett kept him for a few days to get him stable with his medication. It was lonely without him. We all missed him. He came home with meds to take twice a day. Daddy would give him his meds in a Peanut Butter sandwich. Daddy being the kind person he is, would give us a piece of sandwich also. Sometime he gave him his meds in Ice Cream, “Oh Yummy”.

Beethoven got along fine with his meds. Our lives went on again uneventful, the only thing that ever happened to me I got stung by a Bee, Mommy rushed me to the Hospital, my face and throat swelled and I needed attention ASAP. Dr. Moffett immediately took care of me. She gave me a shot and in a few minutes I was fine again. She told me “Don’t stick your nose where it don’t belong.” Dr. Moffett is funny.

We were 6 years old on April 18, 2002. Beethoven, developed a bad sore on his right rear paw it swelled up real bad. Mommy put ice on it. Daddy took him to the hospital the next morning. Dr. Moffett said “Mommy did the right thing.” Dr. Moffett kept Beethoven. She wanted to operate on his foot, he also needed Anti-biotics I.V. Beethoven came home in a few days. I helped mommy and daddy take care of him. He had to have his bandages changed 2 times a day. I would wash his face and ears as daddy would change the bandages. Daddy would put one of his socks on the bandage to help keep it clean. After about a week the paw wasn’t healing. Daddy took him back to the hospital. Had a conference with Dr. Moffett, Dr. Balch and Dr. Freeman. They decided to keep him for a while so his foot wouldn’t get dirty. Beethoven was in the hospital for some time. On May 02, 2002, the techs had him out for a walk. He started limping on the left rear leg. They immediately X-Rayed. They were devastated. He had Osteosarcoma (Bone Cancer). No hope, it had spread to his lungs. He had 11 – 14 weeks to live.

Mommy and Daddy were immediately notified. He was to come home with pain meds. and given LOTS AND LOTS of TENDER LOVING CARE. I was so scared I didn’t want to lose my BIG BROTHER. I didn’t want the “chain of command to come to me.” I took care of him with all the love I could give him. We would talk and I would tell him he couldn’t leave me. I knew he would be better at Rainbowsbridge. I didn’t want him to go. He would tell me “I was strong and I needed to take care of mommy and daddy and the Furbabies.” I know they need me and I will do my best.
That fateful day came on July 01, 2002. The hospital sent the “Doggie Ambulance” to get him. He was so sick. He couldn’t move or get up. At 4:55 P.M. he went to Rainbowsbridge. Aunty Judy, Mommy, Daddy were there with him when Dr. Balch administered the meds to give him peace. I was so sad. I wouldn’t be able to play with my Big Brother anymore. It would be so lonely without him. Mommy got him a Red Fire Hydrant Urn. It will have his picture on it. The house is very quiet without Beethoven.

On July 13, 2002, Prissy had puppies. Beethoven and I are uncles. Aunty Judy said we could have a puppy. NOT to replace Beethoven, but to maybe fill a void. I liked that idea. Give me something to do.

On September 24, 2002 mommy cam home with 2 little furbabies a little girl and a little boy. I think she likes getting 2 at a time. Their names are MaiTai and Two Bits”A”Beer. These babies helped me take my mind off some of the deep sorrow I had for losing my Big Brother. I helped mommy with them showed them doggie doors, best places to play in the yard, the wading pool etc..

Who am I kidding, I miss my Big Brother so badly. I am not the Big Dog I was before his passing. I am depressed and don’t want to go on. I don’t want to eat. I want to be with Beethoven. I need him. On October 24, 2002 at 5P.M. in the afternoon mommy came home and found me dead in the laundry room. Mommy called the hospital.
She wanted an Autopsy done. She thought I had somehow been poisoned. Dr. Balch immediately sent the “Doggie Ambulance”. She waited for me to get there. She did an Autopsy.
Told mommy and Daddy I had a Massive Seizure was dead before I hit the floor. Mommy asked her “if I had grieved myself to death?” Her answer “Yes”

They cleaned me up. Took a paw print, cut a lock of my hair.
Mommy is getting me a Blue Fire Hydrant Urn. It will have my picture on it. I will set next to Beethoven. I am happy now I am with Beethoven and we are playing together again. Beethoven is pain free and can walk again. I love my brother very much, we will all be together again someday. I hope you understand. I needed him.

Oh Cookie I know how you loved Beethoven and we loved you both so very much. We miss you both very much.

The same couch is still in the same van. Now MaiTai and Two Bits”A”Beer are riding in the van. Your memories are still there. This memorial may seem strange, because of the reference to Beethoven. He and Cookie were extremely close. I knew when I lost Beethoven, I was going to lose Cookie, I surely didn’t expect it so soon.
It is a rollercoaster ride of monumental proportions dealing with bone cancer and knowing each day can be the end. It hurt just as bad or worse to come home and find a perfectly healthy 220 pound Saint Bernard dead.

Cookie, you and Beethoven are in our hearts and soul always.


Mommy and Daddy


You showed unconditional love in many ways.
Peggy and Ed Thornsberry