Cooper by Kim Coffelt / Momma

Our first Christmas as a married couple & in our new home, my husband and I had the same idea and got each other a puppy for Christmas, double trouble, we had 2 labs. They spent the 1st 6 months of their lives inseparable and knew who to run to if they were in trouble. Cooper had always acted different, always seemed sad.

I had an appointment scheduled to take him in to check for skin allergies, but when I got home the day before it was too late. Cooper had passed outside in his kennel, Digger just lay there looking on in confusion. The more we thought about it, we think he had a heart problem and a seizure since we knew of another pup from the same litter dying a month earlier from a seizure.

We did the right thing and took him to be cremated, Cooper will always hold a special place in my heart and will not ever be forgotten. I hope you have a happy and fun life in dog heaven.


With love always,
Kim Coffelt