Copper by Anna Placzek / With love mommy and Anna

I got a call from my mom’s friend asking me if I would like to take home a 6 month black lab. My family agreed and we went to pick him up. When I saw him we looked right into each others eyes and at that day I knew we where going to be best friends for life. My mom always made sure the backyard gate was shut before we would let copper outside. Me and coper had lots of fun. We’d play soccer, fetch and we even went swimming together and ate together.

On April 12 2000 I had to go run some quick errands with my mommy and we left copper outside and my mom made dire the gate was shut. When we came back I noticed the gate was opened and at that point I knew I lost my best friend. I ran into the backyard hoping to find copper waiting for me but he was no where to be seen.

I started crying and me and my mom went out looking for him hoping to find him safe and able to bring him home but we were wrong. We found him dead on the side of the road. I started to cry even harder because I knew that I wasn’t going to see my best friend any more.

My mom picked up his little body and we buried him near a rose bush that he loved to sniffed at. I put his collar on his grave and I put his favourite toys there too. WE had no idea how the gate opened but we really miss him and I still cry about him because I don’t have my best friend with me.


We love you boy,
Anna Placzek