Copper by Dianne Kurtz / Love always,

My husband, MIL and myself lived in an apartment complex and it wasn’t becoming very safe. My husband and MIL at the time both worked and I was home all alone. I begged my husband for a dog. I didn’t care what kind, I just wanted a dog so people who know I didn’t live alone. One Thursday, we went to the Michigan Humane Society “just to look”. The first cage I came to held this little fat brown beagle. He stuck his paw through the cage as if to say “please take me home”. We asked to play with him and after that, we paid his “get out of jail” fee. Copper was a very good companion. But he only lived with me for a year because he got in an accident while riding with his dad and I in the car. He fractured his back, and his doctor said he was never going to walk again. My heart was torn in pieces as I love this boy with all of my heart. I had the best year with him. I gave him a chance at finding love again. There is never a day that goes by when I don’t stop to think about him.


Arrroof!!!Arrooof!!!(Beagle for I love you)
Dianne Kurtz