Copper by Family / your family

I still remember the day we got you, it was a few weeks until my 8th birthday and we seen you for sale in the newspaper. I had already gotten a few birthday cards and was just lucky enough to have gotten $25…exactly how much they were asking for you! We drove to the address given to us, and there you were. We picked you out first and within minutes you were on your way to your new home. From the minute we had you in the house, you seemed to love this little, foam kiddie chair I had.
( I still have pictures of you sleeping in it) You and I spent many nights home with the babysitters, running and playing. You would never let the cats play along though, you were always scared of hurting them. We spent 10 fun years together. You always protected, entertained, and amazed us all…
Quite a few months ago, I remember coming in from outside, you were lying in the garage, relaxing.

I noticed you had a small lump between you two front legs, on your tummy. I told mom, she said she had noticed to and would get the ve too look at it soon. Months later, your sore grew and became very umcomfortable for you. It would bleed sometimes and you would get sad because you knew you were making a mess. Although we never got mad at you, we knew you felt bad, you would run into the garage by yourself just so you wouldn’t make a mess on the carpet, and if you did, you would try and clean it yourself 🙂 You still ran an played, although you were also getting old and you got sore in the winter.
We finally got you looked at by the vet. He told us that you had a cancerous cyst, and that to remove it would not gaurantee your recovery. We decided to bring you home, realizing all the risks. You spent another wonderful month and a bit at home with us, running and playing till your last day. You started making more and more messes, all the while we tried to help you but you thought you would be in trouble. Then one night you got very uncomfortable and your lump opened up, you lost alot of blood before we could get you to the doctor. We cried the whole time, as you could barely move, and yet still trying to clean up your own mess.
You were so good for the doctor, we want you to know we are so proud of you. WE will never forget you. 🙂 You will always be missed.