Copper by Melanie



January 25 1994 ----- January 15 2000

Miniature Pinscher


"To My Special Friend Copper"


I had a special friend he meant so much to me,

But now he's gone and I'm as lost as could be.


Some people think your friend must be human

How wrong they are my was a doberman.


His name was Copper and he was always by my side,

It didn't matter if I was happy or sad he never asked why.


Now I know that dogs can't talk,

But I know he knew my every thought.


Just having him by my side,

Licking my hand and face made me realize,


That he was more then just a dog,

He was my best friend from the first day on.


I'd tell him my problems concerns and fears,

He'd look at me and raise his ears.


As to say to me,

"I understand just talk to me and your pain will end."


He always looked forward to laying in bed,

With a blanket and pillow for his head.


I loved that dog but everything changed,

He died and left me on January 15th.


What will I do without him I long for him so.

I know things will get easier but it's going to be so slow.


 My best friends gone who will listen to me now?

There's no dog in this world that can replace my pal.


I've cried and cried wondering why,

He left me so soon why did he have to die?


I know my Copper is in heaven right now

Looking down at me with a frown.


You see Copper wouldn't want me to be upset because he's perished,

He'd want me to go on and keep the memories I so cherish.


Copper I love you and will still talk to you each day,

we just won't be together with you in my arms

because now your so far away.


I'll never forget you or all the things you've done for me,

being my special friend as only YOU could be.


By: Your Heart Broken Owner Melanie

I'll love you always!!