Oct. 31 1990 —- March 5 2000

Stripe Tabby

One day when leaving out my home I went down stairs and saw a

furry object behind the stairs of the hall lobby it looked like a ball

of some sort and when then I realize it moved and a baby kitten

head pop out from under his curled up body and looked at me.

He was the cutest thing . I took him in my house and fed him and

let him stay for a little while and then I took him back under the

stairs again. The next day I thought of this precious kitten and

then a overwhelming joy came to me in thoughts that this kitten

is going to bring me joy warmth and love to my life.

I immediately ran out my house and saw this kitten balled up

again in the same spot and I spoke to this kitten as I picked

him up and said to him a angel from above told me to take you

as my cat child and take care of you,so I did.

From there on my husband and I became bonded to this kitten

so quickly and we named him Cory.

He was the happiest cat Cory have been bless to have us

as his parents because we treated him like a king and spoiled

him deeply this is because we had no kids of our own so

we gave Cory everything. We watch him grow each day.

I train my cat very well he seem to know the English language I

would speak to him in conversation and even ask question to him,

he would respond back in certain tones of meows as if he was talking

back to me He understood many English words with response back.

I understood him as well he would make certain meow tones and

I knew what he wanted or what he was saying I say this cat

could almost talk. He was very smart in so many things.

He loved to play hide and seek and tag. I remember one day in our

back yard my husband and Cory had a rely race they lined up

(ON YOUR MARK GET SET GO! ) and they were off.

My Cory was never afraid of any dogs he would go right up

to them greet himself or either scare them away Yes

he was the bully of the block.

There are many times when my husband and I would have to move

out of his way and make our selves uncomfortable on the bed or

couch just so that Cory would be comfortable.

He always stretch all the way out when he laid down leaving no

space for us to get in the bed so we let him be and squeeze

some where in the bed.

We never go on vacations just so he won’t be alone at home.

He would always greet us at the door with sweet meow hello’s ,

if we brought bags in the house he would ask with his meows

“what do you have for me in those bags” and sniff all the item

in the bags. Sometimes He would be looking for us to bring some

grass from outside and if we did not come with any grass he would

make us feel bad and we would go back outside to get

him some grass. He was a very demanding cat who like to have is

own ways. We bent over backwards for him.

He is a people cat He loves to be around us He wasn’t much a toy

player he look at toys as if they were a joke he look at the toys as if he

is saying “oh please you got to be kidding if you expect me

to play with that toy as if I was a idiot”.

We watch him grow older and more sophisticated ,

He could be a twin of Garfield the cat with attitude.

One day we took him to the vet because of some stomach nausea

and the doctor discover our cat has a heart murmur.

We did not know how serious it was but the following year and half

our Cory past over the rainbow he left us .

He had a sudden heart attack Oh how we grieved his death

and still do I guess the pain will never go away.

We miss him so much and still shed tears to this day

But I know he is alright and doing just find.

He is happy with Gods animals angels watching over him .

My Cory is also happy because he know we will be reuniting

again and rejoicing our love and knowing we will never part

from each other again.

All our love to you my precious

cat child CORY…………………….

Lydia and Frank