Cosmo by Karen and Micah / Your mom

On August 18, 2005 we brought home the newest addition to our family. He was a 12 week old beautiful persian that
we sometimes called our cream puff.

He had the sweetest personality, and was so patient with our 3 year old son who offered him constant love and hugs. Cosmo was also a rambunctious kitten who showed off when company came over. He would climb the chair our company was sitting in, and sit behind their head looking ready to pounce on them at any given minute, but he never did. I guess he just liked making them nervous. This kitty also loved to eat, and he would spend his day trying to finish his dish of food, and when he did he knew exactly what cupboard the food was kept in and would try to open the door with his paws so he could have more. We thought we would have Cosmo for many years to come, but sadly everything changed 10 days ago.

Ten days ago Cosmo stopped eating, and he was diagnosed with FIP, which is terminal. Sadly we put him to sleep November 29 to end his suffering. Cosmo was still purring up to an hour before we took him to the vet. That was the thing about Cosmo he always purred. You could just look at him and he would start purring. I will surely miss that beautiful little cream puff!


I will always love and remember you,
Karen and Micah