Cotton by Laura and Keith / mommy and daddy

June 30, 1998 —- May 9, 2003

Umbrella Cockatoo

We were not there to save you
but you didn’t die alone.
The angels came from heaven
to gently fly you home.
When they came to earth to get you
they looked at you and cried
“Cotton already has her wings,
she never really died”.
Inside the hearts of those she touched
she will live forever
and she left for you
with so much love
a single soft white feather.
Keep it as part of a memory
cause it will be replaced
more quickly now than ever
as she’s in God’s warm embrace.
“Good-bye to you sweet Cotton bird”
the angels heard us cry.
Please don’t weep said the angels
because you see, she is always at your side.
For here on earth
as in heaven
angels never die.

Rest in peace but fly high and
proud angel bird

See you at the rainbow bridge.


God speed ,love you always,
9, May 2003
Laura and Keith