Coz by Nelson


" Coz "

Feb. 5 1992 ----- Oct. 11 1998




Run in the wind my friend

And see all the love I send

Your life here is over

Your pain is gone

I miss your loving eyes

And the kisses you gave to me


Run in the wind my friend

Let your mane flow in the breeze

Your tail will follow bouncing behind you.

Your pain is over

You will suffer no more


Run in the wind my friend

Hold you head up high

Be proud of who you were and what you became

You fought the colic all the way

But in the end it won.


Run in the wind my friend

Gallop free and enjoy your self.

My hope for you is that you can forgive me.

Illness came and cut your life short

You will always be with me

For I know that you run with in the wind.