Cricket by De’Anna

My Angel”
(Written with love by De’Anna Harris)

This is for my angel
who sadly passed away
and walked through the gates of heaven
on a cold December day.

You have always been my sunshine
and the sweetness in my heart
my days and nights so empty
now that we’re apart.

Your love was something special
from the first day that we met.
Unconditional devotion
that I never will forget.

Your mind and heart were clear
but your body frail and weak.
Just to lift you was so painful
a small wimper did you speak.

It was an act of mercy
as so many want to say.
I just hope you think that also
as you travel on your way.

Your precious little antics
are what I remember best.
I give you to our Father now
so you can take a rest.

So sleep my precious angel
I look forward to the day
that I can be there with you
in God’s kingdom far away.

(For my beloved angel Cricket. I never will forget you. You will always be in my heart.

Love De’Anna Harris)


15, Dec 2000