Cricket by Sherry Ertwine / Mommy


The nights are long and cold since
we’ve been apart,the pain weighs heavy
in my heart.
In my arms I held on so tightly as
you took your last breath, God took you
that day to your final resting
So many tears fall,my heart breaks a
little more each day,I loved you so
completely in every way.
I wish I could feel your heart beat
again,your tiny face I want to kiss;
I don’t understand why it has to be like this.
I don’t know how to stop the pain,I don’t
know how to live anymore,You are all I
wanted all that I was living for.
The love of my life has been taken away,
But in my heart Cricket you will forever stay.
I miss you so much. Love Mommy.

Sherry Denel Ertwine

Copyright ©2004 Sherry Denel Ertw


With All My Heart.I Love You,
23, Aug 2003
Sherry Ertwine