Cuddles by Amber Mcelrue / Amber

I got cuddles when I was 9 and he got his name cuddles because he was so cuddly. He was kind and loving rabbit and loved to lie on my bed on his back, with his head on the pillow and lying between my teddies. Unfortunately he then got diagnosed with nerve damage in his back legs.The vet said he’d need a steroid injection every week so we tried giving him it and by the night he was running around the livingroom. But 4 days later his condition deteriorated and he could hardly stand up. We took him to the vet but she said there was very little chance he’d get better and he’d get worse it wasn’t really fair to keep him alive so I made the hard decision which was for the best for cuddles which was sadly to get him put down,He is buried in my garden in his favorite place.


Miss you my hero.

Amber Mcelrue