Curious George by Emma / Emma

I purchased a little male long haired ginger and white guinea-pig. I named him curious George because he was very very curious. After a while Georgie started getting sticky eyes so we bought him to the vet he gave us medicine and 20euro later Georgie was better but then Georgie started getting sores all around his body so we bought him to the vet and he said that Georgie was being bullied from my other guinea pig Perry. So we were going to separate them but we never got to because a Georgie was very nervous and was afraid of a loud noise. A firework went off one day and sadly Georgie took a heart attack and passed away with his brother Squeaker by his side. r.i.p my guinea pig Georgie, my hamsters Brookie, Humphery and Angel and my little puppy Lizzy. Until we meet again.


With all my love i have to offer,
Curious George