Cocker Spaniel

I been told to stop to forget I just can’t. The first months after her

passing were so hard and thank GOD we was staying at my in laws

but soon we will have to move in to an apartment because of

my crying so much.

Believe it or not here is my story about my “Curly “.

“Curly ” shows herself to me and even other people felt her and heard her.

Also when I would start crying the light in the house would start flashing

and that’s why I don’t cry so much because I know her spirit lives

and she is with me.

Well this with the lights happens where she died in the in laws house.

They told me not to cry so much to let her rest in peace but she is

around I see her sometimes crossing the street in front of me or

around the house with the corner of the eyes.

My husband told me it was nonsense until he got awaken

one night and went to the bathroom and got scare to go to the kitchen

because she was there.

Ever since he watches what he said when I cried.

We just moved again and there is a cocker spaniel just like her and

it just breaks my heart to see that dog Daisy she just

comes to me always to say hi.

We got another dog the day Curly died Starlight.

Starlight looks like she could feel my pain it took some time

for Roger to accept her about 6 months he wanted a

red one to be name Curly2.

We have accepted STARLIGHT and she is our 2nd daughter.

We gave her “Curly’s” ballsie and talk to her about “Curly “

and took her to the grave.

“Curly” was very jealous of our affection and we know that she

will throw Star out of the bed because we would called her and

she would be scare to get in bed at night .

I would feel a dog sleeping on my pillow like “Curly” used to and

there was nothing there.

I would also feel walking and jumping in and out of the bed

now feel her sometimes and she

allows STAR in the bed.