Cutcha by Angi Cranmer / Mommy

I adopted my sweet Girl “Cutcha”in may of 1999. She was the Runt and only had 1/2 tail. The Breeders could not get any Money so I gave them 50.00 and took her home so she would not be put down. She has been the Best Friend I ever had and I just cant stop crying. It took a piece of my Heart when she passed away 11/20/2007 at the age of eight. She was Diabetic for about 2 yrs. and I gave her Insulin twice a Day. I had her cremated and she is with me forever on my dresser. It does help some and I speak to her every night before I go to Bed. I love and miss her so much. God bless her and keep her from pain. I will see her again.


With all my Love for you in my Heart,
Angi Cranmer