DustiMae by The Powells / Bill, Kelley, Kayla, and William

This is the story about the love and bond between 3 dogs. 3 dogs that will be tight til’the end. Unfortunately, the end has come for 2 of them. Nikki, who was about 17,when we had to but her down on January 5, 2007. Was the oldest of the group. She was the one who would always get out of the gate,take a trip, but always returned home for 17 wonderful years. She was the first child to my parents before I came along. Then about 4 months after I was born.

My mom and Dad saved a 3 month year-old German Shepherd Mix from the local pound. They were going to put her to sleep because no one wanted her. Although my parents did. We named her DustiMae, Dusti for short. She became my mom’s dog mostly. She would follow her around no matter where she went. When she was smaller, she had HUGE ears. I would ride on her back and use them as reins. I loved her with all my heart. She was like a doggy sister to me.

Unfortunately, after her last trip to the sand dunes with us, she began to go down hill. We brought her to the vet. He said sometimes the best thing to do is say goodbye. That’s what we had to do on December 14, 2007. It was hard for all of us. We all loved both of them deeply. Now the third amigo! His name is Tonka. He is a Australian Shepherd and is about 5 years-old. Fortunately he is still with us. When they were all together Dusti and Tonka would always play around and Nikki would be the cheerleader cheering them on. In the wind Nikki would get pushed by it and hop with the wind. We will never forget all the good times we have had with all of them. Before Tonka had come along Nikki and Dusti would get out of our yard take a trip down
the block to my grandparent’s house.

They would callus and we would have to pick them up. When we had gotten Tonka he would always try to beat Nikki at playing. Nikki would always win. It was like she was saying “Youth and skill are no match for age and tretary”. When she had left us Dusti had lost her best friend of 13 years. She was never the same again. Tonka didn’t really know what was going on because Dusti was still around. Although when Dusti at the age of 14 had gone. He had realized what happen. He was sad too but sucked it up to comfort us about our loss. We love you DustiMae and Nikki Diane. We will never forget you. Neither will your 3rd amigo either.


We love you and you will be forever in our hearts,
The Powells