Cyrus by Hayden & Rebecca / Mummy & Daddy

Dear Cyrus,

When we first saw you, our hearts did melt.
This adorable little puppy,
no words can express the love we felt. Your honey colored coat, those big brown eyes. You sat on Dad’s shoulder, like his most treasured prize.

Everywhere we went you came along,
As we watched you grow so big,
so strong.
Your character would make us smile.
You had a grin that said “I can outrun Dad by miles!”
Your favorite food by far was cheese;
you could get it with outstanding ease.
Those big brown eyes always made sure,
that there was food tidbits dropped on the floor.

You took up most of the bed, some nights you preferred Mum’s head.
“Where’s Daddy?” was your game.
Sheryl’s carpet has never been the same.
You were with us through
the tough times and the good times to.
There was always a rainbow
after the rain because we had you.
But sometimes good things come to an end.
No matter how hard we tried, the infection wouldn’t mend.
You will always be our baby boy; in our life you brought endless joy.

We’re sorry for all your suffering and all the pain you felt.
We didn’t mean to give you the card that you were dealt.
Mummy and Daddy do love you,
even though sometimes it didn’t show.
We know that it’s not your time, that you’re not ready to go.
Please know that we tried our very best, as we lay your innocent heart to rest.
But for you now our heart cries, our eyes do weep.
You will never be forgotten buddy,
that’s a promise we can keep.

Cyrus 27/04/02 – 20/03/05


We love you so much buddy,
20, Mar 2005
Hayden & Rebecca