Daisy by Stephanie / Stephanie

“The Loved One”

I Lay in Bed…Hoping she will hear me
a tear rolls down from my cheek
my eyes are fully red now..
there is so much in my mind
but only her I can think about the most
I close my eyes..trying to get some sleep
then…I saw her.. my spirit
was overwhelmed with happiness
I thought I would never see her again…
but I was wrong..I blinked again..not knowing
it wasn’t real..my eyes have deceive me
I woke up in my bed..wishing I wasn’t
but I ask you this…
have you ever had a dream..that you thought it was real?…and you wished you never
wake up from it..?…that you wished that was life?…you live on? I would never forget that dream
that seemed so real..that tough…
The happiness…I have felt
then I realize..she will never escape my mind
she is my love one..and I
will never forget her..My Beloved dog “Daisy”.


I Love YOU always,
6, Mar 2005