Daisy by Vicky / Mum

Yesterday I lost my friend, I had to say goodbye.
Today I find that all I do is sit and think and cry.
I thought that I had made the choice
which really was the best.
But now I fear that it was wrong
to let her finally rest.
I wish that I’d tried harder and fought for her to stay.
But yesterday
I really couldn’t see another way.
You see I saw her struggling, life was getting tough.
I wanted her to go somewhere where things
were not so rough.
But now I’m sat here wondering, thinking I was wrong
And wishing she was here again
to help my day along.
I’ve got to try and
say goodbye I hope she knows I love her.
All I can do is sit and
think of all my memories of her.
Goodbye Daisy my special friend we went through lots together.
I hope one day we’ll meet again,
but next time it’s forever……


I miss you Daisy,
20, Apr 2004