Dale by Kristin / Love: Your Kristin

There was the sweetest little puppy that you ever did see and he truly
thought that the world revolved around me.
It was so cute like mary and her little lamb he went everywere I went.
We both wouldn’t have it any other way.
From the time he was born he followed me everywere when
I wanted to swim in our pond he did too (or at least he had to make sure I didn’t
drown even though he was only a few weeks old)
he would waddle across the dam trying so hard to keep up with me so
I would pick him up and carry him across.
Then we moved into town and we went for a walk as often as possible
or once or twice a day.
We always had to make sure that we could see each other if he couldn’t see
me then he would bark like crazy if I couldn’t see him then
I would call and he would come running.
My family even started to say that I was Dale’s Kristin and they would say Dale
go get your Kristin when we would play hide and go seek.
Then I went to grandma’s house and he had passed away in a acident.
We are thankful that we had an angel for a short but wonderful time and
we know that he had to go back to heaven with all the other angels
and just for being the best dog ever.

” He is as we know the king of heaven.”


I will always love you Dale!