Dale by Kristin

When Dale was a few weeks old and
could barely walk he would follow
me around everywhere; he actually kinda waddled around.
Well we have a pond and
when I would walk across the dam
to get to the semi beach area to swim and
if I turned around there would
be the cuttiest little thing
that you ever did see waddling behind me.

And as he became a tuff 1 yr old
he protected me the same way
I protected him as a pup
in fact we saved his life 3 times from the weirdest places.

Once he even got stuck under the cabin
that we had by our pond we had to dig him out.
And when it came time to give
the pups away
I decided to hold on to Dale
so no one could take him from me.

Then there were two and one of my dad’s friends sons
wanted to take Dale. No Way!
I finally conviced my dad that he could never
separate the in separable pair.
I never wanted to leave him and
he never wanted to leave me.
In fact my family started to say
that I was his Kristin and
we belonged to each other.

But I had to go to school and dances
our vist the relatives.
Then I went to my grnadmas house
and I don’t want to make this story seem sad
and he had passed away in a accident.
I still remember him every day
no matter what
whether I open my locket or eat a sandwhich
he is still with me
each and every day.

I had the best bond with a dog and
the only thing that makes me sad
is knowing that some people
will never get that bond.

I Love You Lots Dale!


Your Kristin