Dallas by Brett and Mendy Torrance / Your Family!

Dallas was the princess of our home. She brought much love and laughter to our lives for 14 years. She was a beautiful black cocker spaniel with a gentle loving personality.

In her younger days, she loved to swim, sing, run, sleep and eat. As she grew older she enjoyed the later of the two, sleeping and eating.

She was so intelligent and could obey many commands. Such as, sit, laydown, play dead, roll over, back up, sit up, and no to name a few. Which she would perform for any treat other than Jello or green beans.

She was extremely well behaved. Even as a puppy she never chewed, destoyed or ruined anything.
She was always gentle and loving.

She loved having her ears and tummy rubbed and would stop in her tracks when you would love on her to enjoy the moment and return the love she had for you through puppy kisses. Even her bark was a gentle bouffff sound.

As a puppy she boasted a curly, shiny, midnight black coat, gentle eyes and the longest ears you have ever seen.

As she aged, she became completely deaf and cataracts blinded her. She walked slowly due to arthritis and her beautiful black coat changed to a silver grey, representing 14 years of life, love and laughter for all who knew her.

Although her given name was Dallas, we often called her “Our Little Puppy Girl.” To whom she would answer to both. Even as an old dog, she thought she was a puppy… or maybe we thought she was a puppy!

She passed on Tuesday, May 15,2007 at 5:00am in our home. We are thankful she was not in pain and we were with her, to comfort her, as she passed. We are blessed that she lived a long and happy life. We are blessed that she was a part of our lives.

We will miss her, beyond what word can express. We will think of her daily. We will love her always. She will always be “Our Little Puppy Girl”.


Forever in our hearts,
Brett and Mendy Torrance