Damon & Daisy by Jennie McLeod Kennedy / Jennie & Cody

My son brought Damon home when he was about a year old. I was quite upset as I didn’t want a BIG dog, much less a husky! Low and behold I fell in love! Damon was fun, loving and must have thought he was about the size of a chihuahua the way he jumped in your lap.

My son had found a long time friend! Then about a year later a good friend found a dog that was pregnant. We took one of the precious puppies in. We named her Daisy. She was boisterous and fun! The two dogs together fought sometimes but for the most part, played hard, chased squirrels and ran in the rain and loved it when it snowed. Unfortunately, on Oct. 23rd, our babies were let our of our gate. For some unknown reason, they killed a sheep (ram). They were put in quarantine until I had to go to court. They were ordered to be euthanized. We felt like we were in a nightmare.

I cried and pleaded with the court
but there was no changing the decision.
We will miss our babies forever.
Our hearts are broken.


Till we meet again...
Damon & Daisy
Jennie McLeod Kennedy