Dana Goode by Ed, Maradith, John Goode / Mommy, Daddy, and John

To: Mommy, Daddy and John,

Yesterday I was sick and you took me to the Dr. I trusted you and knew you were doing the right thing. I quickly went to sleep. When I woke up I was in doggie heaven. I could run and play and it didn’t hurt me any more. I could see you for a while, you were crying. Please don’t cry. I’m really happy. I saw my sister. I saw Joe. We are all very happy. I can play and wag my tail. I tell everyone that I’m Dana Dog. I tell everyone how good you were to me, and how much you loved me. I’m in a place now that I am forever young. I’ll never have pain again. Don’t be sad. We had a wonderful life together, but my body wore out and I was no longer happy.

Sometime we’ll see each other again. I’ll be waiting for you. We will know each other again. God could never create such a wonderful relationship just to have it end. That’s why I’ll wait for you. Think of me running across the grass, standing on a cloud and barking with my friends.

Thank you for all the care and love.
I love you too.
Love Always,
Dana Dog


In Loving Memory of Dana,
Dana Goode
8, Aug 1995
Ed, Maradith, John Goode