Kiwi by Matt and Robynn Clairday / Robynn and Matt

To our baby, Kiwi

I loved you the second I saw you, but even then
I didn’t know then how completely you’d take over my heart

You gave us (your mom and dad) a sweetness and completeness that no one else
can understand
who wasn’t blessed by having you in their life

Every moment and every day
we cherished you and couldn’t dream
that there would come a time when fate
in its cruel indifference would take you away

I will never accept or understand
that I can’t hug you one more time
and give you treats one more time
and scratch your back one more time
and let you give me Kiwi kisses one more time

I only know that we will all be together again some day
and you will
nestle in my heart until then

— Robynn Clairday


With Love,
2, Nov 2005
Matt and Robynn Clairday