Dandy Fella by Robin E. Casey

Fella came into my life when I was only 12 years old. My family had bought his mama at a Houston cat show, Brandy was pregnant with three kittens. We were so excited and couldn’t wait to see them. I remember the day I came home from school and my mom rushed to me when I came through the door to tell me that they were here and one was still on the way. I went into the study to see
two small shaded silver babies.

Fella grew up into a adorable kitten. Everyone loved his brother the macho man but we all realized that he was too hyper to keep so my family decided on keeping Fella. I loved him from the beginning. He was there for me when I lost my first pet, my budgie parakeet Junior. He was there for me when we moved to a new city, through my teenage years, college years, and first 3 years of my marriage.

Although he had health problems that cost me an arm and a leg I never felt bad about spending the money on him, he was always well worth it. Being a teacher the beginning of school was hard enough but this year only on the 2nd day, I came home to find Fella breathing heavily. I knew that something was wrong. I immediatly called my vet and she recommended taking him to the ER vet. I did, he received special care and X-rays. They told me he had fluid in his lungs and probably due to heart failure. I was given fluids to give to him as well as Lasix to help keep the fluids out of his lungs. I wasn’t ready
for him to leave yet and he knew it.

He lived for 6 more weeks before he crashed again last Sunday after having a very good day Saturday. I knew I couldn’t take it anymore and didn’t think it was fair for him to go through it again. I took him to be put to sleep and to be layed to rest next to his mama that only pasted in Feb. at 19, Fella was only 14 1/2 but lived much longer for a cat with health problems. I will always love him dearly.


Your mom


Dandy Fella
Robin E. Casey