Daphne by Tonya & Brian Grove / Daddy, Mommy, Deaton, Delaynie & Duncan

Daphne was born on a very special day for us. I still think that it was God’s way of saying she was the one. When we went to get her she was so fuzzy and cute. We brought her home and Deaton (3 1/2) and Delaynie (1 1/2) fell in love with her and her with them. She quickly grew into a beautiful big baby who loved lots and lots of attention and to play in the water! We didn’t even get 3 years with her but she will always be in our hearts. On October 28th we had to have her put down. She quit eating 5 days before and there was nothing the vet could do. He believed she had blasto. I know that Oakley & Jakie will greet her at Rainbow Bridge and keep her company until it is our time to be with them. We miss you very much Daph-a-deal!


Love you,
28, Oct 2005
Tonya & Brian Grove