Aug. 12 1985 —- June 9 2000

Golden Retriever

When we decided on a Golden Retriever back in 1985

I had no idea what an impact you would have on our lives.

When we first saw you on that day you were only 4 1/2 weeks old

and as I sat on the ground you came running into my arms.

It seemed like forever until I picked you up at 6 weeks old.

When you were only 1 year old you jumped over the seat in the Van and

landed on my shoulder making me put on the brakes at a busy

intersection just as a Delivery truck ran a red light.

You understood everything Dad and I talked about.

Every time we said we had to go somewhere you would get my keys

and go to the back door. You went to school with Dad and carried all

the tools to the kids. (even had your picture in the paper for that!)

You went to school with me and Carley and let all the Kindergarten

kids pet and hug you and loved every minute.

You loved the river and park and all your stuffed toys.

Everyone that ever knew you loved you.

Although you were so smart and beautiful that is not what I

miss the most.

I miss my best friend the one I could tell anything too.

I one who stayed by my side climbing the stairs every night

(even when it took you twice as long).

The one who was content to be in the van as long as it meant

you were with us. I do not think this awful pain in my heart

will ever leave.

I only hope when my time comes

you will be there to greet me.

JoAnne & Chuck