Darcy by S.M. / Mom

You were in a box marked free puppies 11 1/2 years ago. We brought you home and you became one of the family members instantly. Everyone we know loves you so much and over the years, were amazed at what a wonderful dog you are. You are so smart! You loved your baths, car rides and late nite walks with me, and chasing the squirles. You loved when I made eggs and screwed them up, because that meant they were coming your way! This Christmas you woke me as usual to go out for your morning stretch in the yard. When I called you in, you didnt respond. You were dying in your dog house. Your stomach was massive and looked to be irrupted, you couldnt move. We stayed with you and tried to comfort you as you were failing fast. Within a few hours you were gone. Our hearts are breaking we miss you so.


Broken Hearted