Darling by Dianna / Sweety,angel and your momy Dianna


Your sisters and I will always love you. Darling is a orange tabby cat with a lot of cuteness she doesn’t bite and love people well; she used to love people. Darling died by a car; she got out for a couple days but didn’t come home (she isn’t an outdoor cat). Somebody knocked on my door and he said that you cat was under my car and I hit it by accident. Darling had one litter of kittens but sold them 3 boys and 2 girls. I’m glad we sold them because the kittens would be wondering were she is. Sweety,Angel and I will never forget you and we will always love you. I guess this is good bye for now!(In the picture she is the on closes
near the door and you).


With lots of love from us!! We love you!!
24, Dec 2004