David by Marsha Biller / Marsha

My cat David was sent to Kitty Heaven today. He lived a long and happy life. He had a companion whom is still living, her name is Asia. David means beloved, and that he was. He was such a mellow guy. Never got into any trouble, just wanted to be cuddled and fed. He was very possessive of me when he was young, and would not let anything happen to me if he could help it. He always had to see my face and would go to great lengths to do it–I called it “worshipping the temple”
He was a chocolate Siamese and not a mean bone in his body. He was very shy when I got him, with his little blue crocheted collar around his neck. It took him a few days to come around, but when he did, he was by my side constantly. David was a constant in my life for almost 20 years. It was very sad to say good bye to him today, but I will meet up with him again when heaven calls me.


With many fun memories,
5, Nov 2007
Marsha Biller