Deacon by Martinka Family / Mom, Daddy, Ab and Mo

He loved to go for car rides, he loved to play ball, but being with his family is what he loved most of all. We brought Deacon home when he was only six weeks old, and he grew into a long legged, big hearted, 110 pound gentle giant. He loved affection and tried everyday to be a “lap dog”! He was a great companion and will be forever missed. We lost our dear friend Deacon when he was hit by a car this week.

A kind family found him and called his tag number in. We were able to reach him in time for him to pass away on his favorite pillow in the company of the people he loved the most, his family. He was buried in a beautiful wooded area near a creek.


We love you, Freaky Deeky-Doo.
Martinka Family