Deeder by Samantha Mullins / Mommy, Daddy and Jacob

We bought Deeder from a newspaper ad. We had just bought our first home and at the time had no children. When we met Deeder for the first time it was love at first sight. It didnt matter what anyone else said, my mind was made up. So my fiance of course agreed.
Deeder was an energetic 1 year old puppy with silver hair and amber green eyes. Those eyes! He loved us unconditionally and we loved him. At his first vet visit we were devestated to learn that Deeder had a severely enlarged heart. We were told that he had a clean bill of health which othrewise might have altered our decision, but then again maybe not.
The vet said nothing could be done, we would just have to let him live his life. There were no answers good enough. We played a waiting game of not knowing whether he would run to fast and have a heart attack and die. It devestated us. We continued to love him as did my whole family. Within a couple of years of having him we had our first child.
By that time Deeders health was fading fast. He was severely underweight and no longer enjoyed playing or running. We knew then that his quality of life was diminishing. We took him to our vet expecting the worst, and it was. He had fluid in his belly and his organs were shutting down. As badly as I wanted to take him home and prove everyone wrong, I couldnt let him suffer another moment.
When a dog can no longer run or enjoy the things that make them a dog, it is time!
We must have fed him an entire box of bones before the put him to sleep. He wagged his tail and licked our tear streaked faces and laid down on the table without us even telling him too. It was as if he was telling us he was tired and it was o.k.
I will never forget the way he looked at us as the needle went in and his breathing slowed. He just closed his eyes and I held him until he took his last breath. He didnt get to live very long, and all I can hope is that he knows how much we love and miss him. I only wish he could have spent time with our son.
No dog was better with a child than deeder.
He entered into rest in February of 2004.


You are always in our Hearts Deeder
Samantha Mullins