" Delilah "

Sept. 1991 ----- Sept. 1998

In Loving Memory of Delilah

My life was nothing but mountains and consequences.

You came and helped me through stood by while I grew.

I had many tears in your seven short years.

My life turned around.

I had survived and thrived.

I guess your job was done?

You were an angel sent from above

In the form of a wolf pup you showed nothing but love.

You never had puppies but mothered my baby as if she were your own.


I hope you somehow know what an important part of our lives you were,

and still are. Your presence is something that we will never forget.

The pain of your loss will not soon fade In my mind you are the

epitome of what a friend can be On that fateful day I held you as I wept

and thanked you for taking care of me.

You then went on to your new home where you no longer felt any pain.

You went to run free through the fields mountains and rivers.

One day we will meet again to run together

I look forward to that day ,My Girl


Love ,

Your Mother Sister and Friend.