Deman by DENISE DRAIN / Mommy, BJ, Kansas, Dallas and BJ’s pups

I went on vacation and I saw an ad. So I called and we meet somewhere for the first time. I saw you and you captured my heart. Then I took you to the beach and played with you in the sand for hours and then took you and made the long trip home to west Virginia spent 19 hours together on the road those 19 hours I had bonded with you so fast. I looked in those puppy eyes and knew it was meant to be. Then when we got back home how you got along with my 3 cats and my daughter that made so happy that you had gotten along with my family.

Then that morning I got up and saw you laying on the floor with a painful and helpless look in those loveable eyes. That I had once fell in love with. Then I drove you to the vet. Then had done blood work and all the other things they do. He had come back to me and told me that you where anemic. And then told me that the vet would have to keep you overnight. So then I had gone home not knowing what would come to the pup. I had only known him for 10 weeks, but it still broke my heart not knowing what would happen to you at all.

So around 2:30 in the morning the vet had called me, and told me that Deman had passed away because of his condition it had broke my heart. I never got to say good-bye to him. Then all distort I drove down to the vet’s office and with tears in my eyes picked you up and gave you my final hugs and said my good-byes as I laid you to rest.

In my heart I will see you again at the bridge living your full live as grown up dog and not the puppy I lost. I wish I could of seen you grow into that dog. I still keep your collar and toys and Kansas has your dog bowl. Don’t be to mad. And B.J. has all of your tennis balls and is now teaching her puppies to play with them. And if you see Rusty tell him that I love him. And mommy said to take care of you. I will see you someday until then I miss you both go now play and don’t forget me. Take care and behave “The sun is gone, But I still have a light”…


With love,