Dexter A.K.A. Deckie by Tara

From the moment we first encountered each other
I could feel the sweetness of his aura.
Dexter approached me with caution yet curiousity.
His fur was so soft like angora.
I welcomed him into my cozy home
Filled with many others.
He lit up our hearts and our souls
As I thought “Once again I am a new mother!”
As time went by I watched him grow
Into a beautiful and graceful being.
When his time came to leave us it was too sudden.
I found myself on my knees to God I was pleading
I don’t understand why he had to die.
He was really too young to go.
But he is with our Mighty Lord in Heaven
Or at least I’d like to think so
Goodbye Deckie you are missed terribly.



Dexter A.K.A. Deckie
15, Oct 2000