Dicca by Ruth / Momma

Angel in a Fur Coat.
by Ruth
Who says I’m just a dog?
Who likes to laze and gaze at distant
things, which you can’t see?
Perhaps I see eternity.

Where is it written that I’ve no soul?
How can that be when I feel so much?
Unspoken for I am mute,
But not in my heart.
Oh yes I do pretend I do not hear sometimes
When you call my name.
I am listening to inner themes, I too have
My ears are more acute than yours,
I hear the flowers, i hear the stars.

I know I lick myself at awkward times,
With legs in acrobatic pose, usually when guests arrive, or company shows.
It’s my sense of being dramatic.
I have a sense of humor, I’m not dogmatic.

Ilove you and I’d die for you my
Lovely Human Dear. So please indulge, my
Funny ways and play with me and scratch my ear.

God knew that lots of humans woul be
Lonely or remote. The Good, the Bad
The Mediocre of every creed and cote.
We were sent to fill a need. The need to love
And be loved too. To give companionship
Without reproach, no matter what you
Humans do.

So that’s why God was moved to take, the
Essence of Angels, then, clothed in fur,
A whiskered face. To Earth below, from
Heaven above He sent us down for you to love.

Weep no more for me, for I am Free.
Free to roam the the Elysian Fields,
Where I’ll romp and play with all my friends.

I’ll chase the birds and butterflies under the
Skies of sunny blue, and I’ll bide
My time in Heaven, until once more I’ll
Meet with you.


Love everlasting,
29, Aug 2008