Dingo by Danny, Helen, Justin & Jon / Danny, Helen, Justin & Jon

You were 4 weeks old when we came to look at the puppies that were advertized in the newspaper. There were 6 to choose from; you came over to me and stayed right at my ankle and never left, so I said we are taking this one, she has chosen me.

You went thru the chewing up things stage for exactly 1 year and never again after that. I loved your big brown button eyes, I could see love in them. I also could tell thru your eyes when you didn’t feel well. You did so well for 3 years after your breast cancer surgery, then in 6 weeks from getting down you left us. You struggled to stay with us as we struggled to keep you here. The only thing that is good is that you weren’t in pain and went peacefully and we didn’t have to make the choice which we can only imagine the pain of having had to make.
It has been 3 months and the hurt is still with us, but such happy memories and love you left us with will be with us always.

We Love and miss you still, Dingo, I know you are happy in heaven, I can visualize you there happy and running.


In our hearts forever with love,
Danny, Helen, Justin & Jon