I had a black lab when I was young named Dixie.

Dixie meant so much to me and she went everywhere with me.

She would always protect me in every way she could.

She was my best friend in the whole world.

She would always dig holes under her doghouse and they would

be big enough for me to fit in so both her and I used to snuggle up in there.

Then my mom would find us and would take me in to get cleaned up.

Then came the hardest day of my life. I was in third grade and

I came home from school and Dixie at that time was 16 years old

and she didn’t run up to me when I got home.

I saw my parents on our couch crying. My dad was actually crying

and I never had seen him cry before.

So at that point I knew something was wrong.

I asked them where Dixie was and they told me that her

liver failed and she died. I ran outside then kept screaming

and crying she can’t be gone she can’t be gone.

I was in major denial I asked where she was and they said they

took her to the vet and they cremated her. I was so upset!

We didn’t get another dog until 1 year later and I knew that no other

dog would ever take Dixie’s place.

None of the dogs I will have or have had ever will but they have

different personalities and will be very different.

Since Dixie I have had two other dogs and the 2 dogs I have now.

All my dogs have a place in my heart and I will never forget them.

I still have Dixie’s Christmas stocking and leash though .

She will always be my childhood companion.