Donna’s Little SHADOW by Donna / Mommy

My husband came outside to the pool in July, 1995 and said I needed to come in, there was someone I needed to meet. Inside was the cutest 7 month old puppy! I named him my little Shadow because he followed me everywhere from that moment on. He was my protector and my best friend for 11 years. He chased everything outside (or inside) that he could find that would run from him. He thought he was a Doberman and was afraid of nothing except leaving me.

The time came, however, when he finally knew he was going to have to leave me and I had to lie and tell him mommy would be ok. Mommy is not ok without him. I feel lost, but his quirky and loving spirit is still here, I know. I feel him all around.

When he let me know it was time to take the last trip to the vet, I thought I could not do it, but I knew I had to. For his sake. He kissed me and fell asleep forever in my arms and I think he smiled at me. I will love you forever, Shadow. I miss you snuggling under the covers with me at night and nipping at Daddy when he gets too close. Your Gizzmo misses you so much, too. She searches the house for you. You left us all far too soon! Your love was such a wonderful gift. Thank you, my sweet. I’ll see you by the bridge some day and I’ll have some yummy
peanut butter for you.


Good-Bye Old Friend I Love You!
Donna's Little SHADOW