Dorothy by Meghan Purdy / Meghan, Melissa, Jed, Jeremiah, and Rhyan, Gigi and O., Scarecrow, Gingee, and Jack


just as it was said in The Wizard of Oz,
you were always the “horse of a different color,”
except that you were a cat, and
it’s not really your color that was different.
It was your unique perspective on life.

You looked like the average gray and white cat,
but you saw things differently than other cats.
You did things differently, too.
You were truly special to everyone who knew you.

By the way, Dorothy, in The Wizard of Oz, it also says,
“Nobody gets in to see the Wizard. Not no one. Not no how,” but I’ll bet you did. (MEH)


With love,
6, Nov 2008
Meghan Purdy