Draco by Jessica and Jon downham / Love,

mommy and daddy

Some People say Igaunas don’t like other pets in the home but it came untrue for Draco. Draco was never mean to us or too his brother and sister cats. He loved attention from us. I even have a picture of him sitting with Louie our cat on a speaker. Draco loved to cuddle and take naps with me at times. I remember wanting to take a nap and Draco was laying on the bed so I got on the bed and layed down and put him on my chest and we actually slept together:) I felt I was holding a baby. I know today that not all Igaunas are mean but only become moody and mean when they are on their way out of this life because of a disease or illness. Draco had bone disease. He was a new addition to the family in 2000 after my husband and I were married. He wasn’t even that old. I know our baby is watching over us and I will never
forget our first Iguana, Draco.


May you rest in peace, Draco.
Jessica and Jon downham