Dude Daddys Boy Heid by Mike and Kimberly

In Loving Memory of Dude Our Child Companion Protector!”

Dude “Daddys Boy” Heid
Born- June 19th 1991
Died- December 22nd 2000

Dude,We can still hear the patter of your feet when We close Our eyes to go to sleep. When Mommys in the kitchen cooking,there you are looking. When We hear a helicopter buzzing by we can still hear the echoes of your bark! Dude We miss you so much We want to hold you and feel your Kisses. We miss your excitement of seeing a kitty or your passion to get the ball.

Dude,It hurts so much inside though you are no longer suffering anymore. We still expect to see you greet us at the door bouncing your ball playfully across the floor!

Dude,There will never ever be another Dog or anything else that can take your place,your passing has left a tremendous emptiness in our hearts and lives and it will be a great struggle for us just to attempt to live our lives without you.

Dude We only hope you know how much you are loved and missed! Dude We love you!

Daddy & Mommy


Dude Daddys Boy Heid
22, Dec 2000 6:28
Mike and Kimberly