Sky by Ivana

When I needed someone to show me lots of love. Your tenderness was there even when your gone.

I can’t believe at night I miss those purring paws. The gentleness of your mashing that would last all night long.

There was no friend like you so much of a babe. To suck on my fingers and pounce while you play.

I pray to God each day to help me through this mess. So I can love another a gentle little pet.

You touched my heart in such a way I don’t think I could compare. I just wish that you could have stayed and always be here.

You were my friend my companion and oh how much it hurts. To not have you here and be a part of this earth.

My Sky I wish I could see you and tell you how I feel. But in my heart I know that this friendship was real.

I worry about you all the time and wonder where you are. Will you be here somehow not just a memory in my heart.

There will never be another so soft and cute as you. Your love was always there so tender and so true.

Please keep me in your heart and never let me go. Sky you are my heart a friend I’ll always know.

God keep you safe in heaven and find your peace within And you will always be a love that will never end.



14, December 2000