Dudley by Eileen


" Dudley "

August 15 1988 ------ August 5 1999



This is my story the way it was told

my poor dog has died he wasn't that old


I remember when I saw him it was love at first sight

and I picked up my puppy and held him so tight

At first I had one pup then two now it's three

but these are the babies that are meant for me.


I picked you from the litter in such a big hurry

and there you say so small and so furry

You were so soft so frisky and cuddly

it was right then and there that I named you Dudley


I'll always remember the first time I looked in your eyes

never imagining the strong bond and ties

I gave you a home some food and a bed

and told you I loved you that's all that was said


We played and we ran and went for our walk

and sometimes you'd look at me as if trying to talk

you had so much fun with your "brothers" and me

as you all left your mark on the big old oak tree


Everynight I would tuck in my three little "boys"

and be kept awake by their licking and snores

It never annoyed me not even late at night

as I knew they were safe that they were all right


You loved visiting Santa and rides in the car

you'd get so excited you'd beam like a star

Then it happened so suddenly your life was cut short

This couldn't be happening is all that I thought

I never imagined that it would come to this

and Oh how I miss my third Good Night Kiss


They say it gets easier with each passing day

but right now I think there can't be a way

for I wake up each morning with a tear in my eye

from lying awake doing nothing but cry


You left us behind your two brothers and me

I pray for you daily that you're well and happy

You were so devoted my dear little friend

and I'll miss you each day 'till we meet again.


I love you sweetheart.

God Bless You.