Duffy by Chantal



April 1983 ----- October 1 1998


This poem is for my precious cow-kitty Duffy.



You will be gone from my touch 1 year October 1 1999,

I miss you terriblely with every breath I take

missing the way you would meow "mama".

Everything in my view reminds

me of your furry little body.

I think I have finally

figured out why you finally let go of life

I have Charlie

the one that had no home to live

no love to be given to him.

You knew I had him to transfer that loving touch to

with my loving touch Charlie and I would be just fine.

Duffy I will always miss you and I thank you for being there

with the unconditional love you gave so well....

I love you so very very much. Wait for me at the Rainbow

Bridge for I will never leave your side again....



Mommy loves you....

Goodbye my precious "DUFFY"

May you forever grow in my heart.

Even though I've tried

The truth brings me to tears.

All my words can not express

All the joy you've brought me through the years.

Now you belong to heaven

And the stars spell out your name.

Your candles burned out long before

Your meows ever will.

Rest my precious "DUFFY"

Mommy loves you.....


From your mommy Chantal Gray "MAMA"