Duffy by Jerry Gulosh / Jerry Gulosh [early 1997]

Duffy’s Poem
(Memories,Fears,& Hopes)
The years slipped away,
we both turned gray.
You quicker than me, it’s true.
Now you’re gone, the days pass on
in the quiet times, I think of you.

I see you in the door where you used to sit
I hear your nails on the tile, clickety-click,
I see you basking in the warmth of the summer sun
and lying in the cool grass when day is near done.

Or down at the park where you loved to run free
But not so far as to lose sight of me.
Your voice fading echoes on quiet gentle winds
set my eyes searching for you once again.

Memories overwhelming,like smoke fade away.
I’m left to my own, to go my own way.

I fear I’ll not find the Bridge and the Clover
Where animals go and wait to pass over.

I think to myself, If I get to this place,
Will you know who I am, Will you know this old face?

Can you look past the wrinkles of old human skin, back to the days of youth once again?

My eyes will be searching through hundreds there, will you know that it’s me, with all this gray hair?

These knurled old hands, keep wringing in fear, That you will not know me, When ‘ere I draw near.

I’m told to stop fretting, Over things not in stone. But I wish not to cross over that bridge all alone.

I hope what is said, Is really true. That you will know me, before I see you.

That you will come barking, Flying ‘cross all the fields, My fears will then flee, To happiness yield.

Side by side once again. More closer we’ve grown, As we cross over the bridge, and together,

Go Home.

In Tribute to Duffy,”GreyMuzzle ThunderDog” Gulosh. Who went to the Bridge, November 3, 1996.


I Miss Him,
3, Nov 1996
Jerry Gulosh