Trixie Seydler by Daniel Seydler / Myra

Trixie Forever

Trixie, I only knew you for a short while
And I can only imagine the pain your loved one’s must feel
But these things I do know…
The sound of your bark will always ring
The touch of your fur will always be treasured
The sound of your paws on the tile floor will always be heard
Your undying loyalty will never be forgotten
The look in your eyes, the faces you make,
And the memories you’ve left behind will live eternally in his heart, I know it
Because you were a boy’s best friend
You see, Trixie, you were loved so!
It hurt him when he had to be away from you and
It hurts him now that you are gone
The legacy of love you’ve placed in this boy’s life is priceless
And you will live on in his heart forever…
Good, happy, loving, loyal, cute, joyfull, smart, playfull…
Best friend
Trixie Forever


With Love,
Trixie Seydler
2, Jan 2004
Daniel Seydler