Dusty by Tim / Your Loving Family

Me and my sister got this little Schnauzer “Dusty” in early 2000 just after our previous Schnauzer had passed away. Dusty was at an animal shelter in Slidell, LA. My sister found him online through a website and the lady wrote back and told us he was about 2 years old and was a sweet little boy. My sister decided to go and get him. Once we got to the shelter, I went in the back and seen him immediately.
He was a very cute little dog, freshly groomed.
Of course we had to take him home and
that we did.

He was very sweet, always wanting attention. We also had a 5 year old toy poodle at the time (whome we still have) which did not get along too well with Dusty at first. After a while they learned to love each other. Dusty enjoyed chasing our cat Oreo. He also had
a big appetite and loved to eat!

Just over a week ago, on November 14th 2003, Dusty became extremely sick out of nowhere. Six days later, Dusty had passed away from Canine Autoimmune Hemolytic Aemia or AIHA. Two vets could not save him. It all happened so quick and we were all devastated at the rapid loss of such a young healthy little dog.


Sadly missing you,